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Free Online Backup Software and Services: Fact or Fiction?

The hard disk drive is where all your information files - existing and future are stored. Ranging from Operating System files to personal information files, this is the location where they will await future access. Protecting these files from corruption that causes your computer to hang or malfunction is your very existence. One way to do it is to create backups for them that are stored at a different location. In that way corruption at one place will not affect the other and you can access them when required.
Hard drives today have become so advanced that they can store a phenomenal volume of data. The more data you have, the greater the chances of your facing a harder situation in case of hard disk failure. While the technology and safety measures incorporated within are upgraded regularly, they are finally machines and are apt to fail at some time or another.
Considering that data loss is more often due to human error than hard disk failure, you should try and create back ups as often as possible so that nearly all the information is available to you. You can thus prevent or at least minimize the damage.
Data loss can have very serious consequences. Consider this situation. You have a presentation the next morning and you have spent sleepless nights trying to get it just right. You finally are happy with your efforts and finally get a good night's sleep. The next morning you arrive at the meeting and your computer decides to play tricks. Your presentation just refuses to get underway because your computer has decided to follow its own instructions. Naturally the meeting ends up in disaster.
What you could have done is to save your presentation as a backup before you turned off your computer the previous night, and accessed that copy when you found out that the main presentation was malfunctioning. These malfunctions can happen at any time and without warning. Therefore creating backups is a safety net available to you.
One method is to use the services online or to download the software and do the task yourself. Most of these services do not mention that they are backup creators, but you can consider them to be so. Try saving your material on your email account by mailing the important files to yourself. You will always have access to them when required.
However these free services have a limited capacity in addition to which they are not very efficient or reliable. There are others that charge you a minimal fee for the service, and these are far safer and reliable. Whichever route you choose to travel, please ensure that you have a set of backups to fall back on in cases of emergency, so that the day can be saved.
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