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Pantai Baron (Baron Beach)

Pantai Baron (Baron Beach)

Baron Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the southeastern area of Yogyakarta. It is located on the village of Kemandang, Tanjungsari ,Yogyakarta about 20 km away from Wonosari. Although not as popular as Parangtritis Beach, some people even prefer Baron Beach than Parangtritis, for the fact that it has a much cleaner environment, it’s more desolated and the sand is more interesting than that of Parangtritis.

Baron Beach doesn’t just offer the magnificence of a beach and the silky white sand around it, but it also possesses a beautiful limestone hill and terrific coral ridges that offers an attraction of its own. The area is great to take photos of, and during sunset and sunrise hours, you can just rela by the hill while viewing one of the most beautiful panorama the world has to offer. Nearby you can also find a hilly landscape called Pegunungan Seribu (meaning “Thousand Mountains” translated in English). From up the hill, you can have a complete view of the beach and its surroundings.

Another feature that Baron Beach offers that not many beaches do is the seafood market, where you can purchase almost any kind of edible fishes and other water animals on the row of stalls provided, at a relatively low price. Not interested in buying fresh raw meat, try the restaurant around which offers cooked seafood recipes of various kinds, having Kakap (Snapper fish) Soup as the main dish.

On the month of Suro (The first month in the Javanese calendar), local inhabitants consisting mostly of fishermen, gather together at the beach to perform a Sea Offering Ceremony called Labuhan. At this ceremony, offerings are thrown into the sea as a symbol of gratitude to God for the abundant fish harvest and the welfare they have received in fishing.

Baron is just one of the series of beaches located on the southeastern area of Yogyakarta. Others include Krakal Beach, Sundak Beach, Wediombo Beach, Kukup Beach, and much more. There are even some beaches that hasn’t been named yet due to it’s remote location and deserted but accessible place. These Beaches offers the same amusement if not better than that of Baron Beach, each having its own mainstay of magnificence.

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