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Natural conditions are still virgins and beautiful, making the Seven Lakes Mountain as the most favorite tourist attraction in and around the Kerinci regency. Meanwhile, it is situated at an altitude of 1996 meters above sea level, making this lake as the highest lake in Southeast Asia.

Scientifically, the Seven Lakes Mountain is a volcanic lake formed by volcanic activity in the past. Has a length of about 4.5 km and width of 3 km, the lake located at an altitude of 1996 meters above sea level is the highest lake in Southeast Asia.

For lovers of nature as well as adventure tours, Seven Lakes Mountain is a favorite tourist attraction in Jambi and surrounding areas. In addition to beautiful natural panorama, the lake is surrounded by six mountains, namely Upper Mount Tebo with altitude 2525 meters above sea level, Mount Hulu Sangir (2330 meters above sea level), Mandura Iron Mountain (2418 masl), Mount Basil (2230 masl), Mount Jar Bake (2469 meters above sea level), and Seven Mountains (2732 meters above sea level) is the highest peak. Source.

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