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Hotel Booking Quick Tips

Well this is not a bible to look for hotel booking tips but these are some quick tips about hotel booking which many of us don’t even bother to look at due to lack of knowledge.

I could generate these ideas on my own while planning for a vacation to Bangkok, Thailand next month. The major part of planning is hotel bookings.

There are some ways to make a successful hotel booking:

1. Search the internet: This is the basic and foremost way to make the best of available opportunity and search for the best available option online.

2. Check out travel guides: The best source to find out more information about the hotel and price is travel guides. Many people use travel guides to write reviews on hotels after their vacation and you can use these reviews as an aid in helping you find the perfect hotel for your stay in Thailand.

3. Check Hotel websites: Browse websites of each and every hotel before making up your mind. The best part about a hotel’s website is that you can book your room online using the reservation form provided on the site. The good part about checking out hotel websites is that you will get the lowest possible room rate which travel agents may not be able to match. For example, check out the ongoing offers at Sharaton hotel in Bangkok or deals at JW Marriott hotel in Bangkok

4. Compare Hotels: Comparing hotels is not easy without robust travel search engine and my favorite hotel search engine to compare hotel prices is hotelscombined.com. There is lot to say about this search tool. First thing is it’s absolutely free. Secondly, the options they provide at the end of search results seem well researched and valid results. You can categorize and choose your options to narrow down the search as well.

These are few of the ways that would save you from being charged exorbitantly by hotels and you would be in good position to do your bargain hunt for your upcoming vacation.

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