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12 Recent Travel Destinations Yang Di Ngehits the Week July 2017

travel Destinations, 12 Recent Travel Destinations Yang Di Ngehits the Week July 2017

Jogja Travel Latest in 2017 - the development of tourism in Yogyakarta are like mushrooms after rain. In a short time this past year there are dozens of new attractions that have sprung up. No wonder the city of Yogyakarta to wsiatawan highest growth in Indonesia. recorded in 2016, there are about 20 million local tourists who visit in Yogyakarta, an increase of nearly 4 million of the previous year. This is because Jogja always bring up new tourist spot spot every month. Similarly, in 2017 there are a lot of new tourism in Yogyakarta is very interesting and a must-see.
Most of it is a new tourist attraction, partly Attraction old but has a new spot. With the promotion through social media so quickly went viral, does give a positive domino effect. Other attractions to be encouraged to continue to preen themselves creatively make new spot tourist spots in Jogja especially for selfie spot is a favorite of the local traveler.
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Well-Juli2017 in June, there are at least 12 Destinations Travel Latest in the longer ngehits too. Attractions are scattered in Bantul, Gunung Kidul and Kulon Progo. Most of it is a natural tourist spot and has a unique shot. 12 new travel anywhere in Jogja it? Listen more of the following:

New Tourism in Yogyakarta July 2017

1. Mount Mojo Gumelem

Location Bukit Mojo Gumelem with Bird's Nest
Location Bukit Mojo Gumelem with the Bird's Nest as a spot selfie
Mojo Gumelem Hill is one of the tourist spot that is already long enough developed. Bukit Bukit Mojo has a concept like Anguk Kediwung and Gap Patch. However, a new tourist attraction in Bantul is just beginning to be recognized beginning in 2017 is due to present the photos very unique spot in the form of a bird's nest and sunflower. Interestingly, within a period of four months, had changed his selfie replace the spot, so do not bore visitors. Visit this link for info Cities and Routes Hill Mojo .

2. Rocking Stones Mangunan

Spot Selfie shaped stone helicopters in Goyang
Spot Selfie shaped stone helicopters in Goyang
Another new selfie spot is in the area of ​​Bukit Mojo Mangunan Dlingo apart. Rocking Stone is a tourist attraction that began to emerge in 2017 is precisely in early March. Still offers the same view as "elder brother" Rocking Stones sold selfie spot that is quite unique because it is shaped helicopter. There was also a stone boulder teetering on the edge as a place to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains. Cobble stone is called the stone moved.

3. A Thousand Miles Songgo Heaven

Spot Indian homes in Thousand miles Songgo Heaven
Spot Indian homes in Thousand miles Songgo Heaven
Well if this one is really the newest attractions in Jogja again ngehits. Thousand Miles Songgo sky is also often referred to as The Hobbit House Dlingo spot for spot spot selfie serves a unique home like the one in The Hobbit movie. FYI, the actual travel thousand miles Songgo in Heaven has long pioneered, only recently this March viral booming and since there is a unique home-style Indian spot and home of The Hobbit. Check the following link for Info Location and Route to the Thousand Miles Songgo dlingo sky .

4. Niagara Gedad

latest travel in Jogja
The beauty of Niagara Gedad Banyusoco
From Bantul we move to the east a bit, precisely in the district Playen. There was a new waterfall that is located not far from Niagara Srigethuk. New Banyusoco waterfall was named Niagara Gedad. The place is quite beautiful, although it is only about 10 meters, but very good for photography because it has a waterfall wall wide enough to contour humped hump. Check here Location Niagara Gedad And His route .

5. Suspension Bridge buckle Beach

Ticket Ride suspension bridge buckle Beach
Ticket Ride suspension bridge buckle Beach
Shifted to the east again, there is a new tourist Jogja very challenging. Exactly attractions buckle Tepus Beach Gunung Kidul. As we know, Coastal buckle during this very famous and iconic with its hanging gondola or car. But in March there is quite a challenging new spot is the beach hanging bridge buckle. This bridge is another access that can be used to get to the cliff beach buckle. To pass a suspension bridge, visitors must pay Rp. 100,000 and has enormous courage because underneath there are big waves and strong winds. Check out more info here Location and Ticket buckle Tepus Beach Gunung Kidul

6. Kalong Island Beach

Island Beach Dress
Similar Kalong Island Beach Beach buckle
In addition to buckle Beach, there is a beach that is similar to the characteristics of Turkish buckle. The beach is named Sinden beach or beach Kalong Island. Known as Kalong Island beach on the island because the coral there are many bats or bats. Similar to buckle Beach, Kalong Island Beach has a hang gliding or cable car and suspension bridge as one of the access road leading to coral island a great fishing spot. The difference, for passing a suspension bridge Kalong Island beach is less expensive because only Rp. 25 thousand. Read this post to see location Kalong Island Beach

7. Sand Mangrove Forest Kadilangu

The spot in Mangrove Forest Sand Kadilangu
The spot in Mangrove Forest Sand Kadilangu
A new tourist spot in Yogyakarta this week is ngehits Mangrove Forest Kadilangu Pasir Kulon Progo. Although not a new tourist spot, but Attractions has a new spot in the form of bamboo-shaped tower Eifel tower, temple, as well as hexagonal hallway. Number of new selfie spot in Mangrove Forest Sand Kadilangu Mendit is certainly an attractive option because in this place there are three Mangrove Forest tour manager, each competing to offer unique and best selfie spot.

8. Swing Heaven Watujaran

Location swing sky Purwosari Girimulyo
Location swing sky Purwosari Girimulyo
Another new Travel Progo in Yogyakarta in June 2017 that Sky Swing Watujaran. This location is still in the region Desa Wisata Purwosari Girimulyo. The sky swing as the latest spot with sensational adrenaline challenge because we will be invited swinging above an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level. This spot is also similar as in the Lodge Maribaya or in Bukit Batu Bulu .

9. Mount Merapi Klangon

The route to the Mount Merapi Klangon
The route to the Mount Merapi Klangon
Shifted to the north, there was also a new spot in Sleman. His name is Bukit Klangon. In contrast to those in the surrounding area Mangunan and, at the Mount Selman Klangon this spot is indeed a misplaced view post. Nevertheless, the panorama is presented much different because the background appeared in the form of lava of Mount Merapi with the strips. This place has become an alternative for those who want to go to Kaliurang or taken cared of his father. Read more here - The location and the route towards Mount Merapi Klangon

10. The Lost World Castle Cangkringan

Route to The Lost World Castle Sleman
Route to The Lost World Castle Sleman
Still in the area around the slopes of Mount Merapi, there is a new tour in Jogja very ngehits. His name is The Lost World Castle. It could be due to viral and controversy within the KRB 3 Merapi. Still not dampen the interest of tourists to visit the place known as Fort Takhesi in Yogyakarta, or the Great Wall in Cangkringan this. Besides having a building with a fortress-like Takeshi, this place also has a bad bad Stonehenge in England there. Penasarn? Listen to our previous review in:
Location and Route to The Lost World Castle Cangkringan Sleman

11. The Hobbit House Cangkringan

These Hobbit House Kepuharjo Cangkringan Sleman
These Hobbit House Kepuharjo Cangkringan Sleman
Not far from the location of The Lost World Castle, there is also a Hobbit House Cangkringana pretty good shot used as background. In contrast to the one in a thousand miles Songgo Sky, Cangkringan Hobbit house looks neater and larger, suitable for you who like shot. Read More on Home Location Hobbit Kepuharjo Cangkringan

12. The alarm pine forest

alarm pine forest location
Spot Hand pine forest giant alarm
Oops, it appears there is a new tourist sites in Yogyakarta ngehits and worth a visit is delayed we recommend. The pine forest is there in eggplant alarm Dlingo. The pine forest offers spot selfie very good. In addition to viewing post in the form of a giant human hand, as night falls, visitors can also see the city lights gleamed that adorn the landscape of the city of Yogyakarta. Very romantic and artistic. Read more about Forest pine alarm here:
Location and route toward Pine Forest Watch Alarm With Spot Giant

13. The World Landmarks Merapi Park

Spot Image in The World Landmarks Merapi Park
Spot Image in The World Landmarks Merapi Park

another new tour in Jogja extremely hits this week. The location is in the tourist area of Kaliurang, exactly in front of Mount Merapi Musem. Spot the new tour called The World Landmarks. As its name suggests, this place serves spot selfie miniature world landmarks as $ Eifel Tower, Tower of Pizza, etc. For more info please read the posting location and Ticket The World Landmarks

That 13 attractions in Yogyakarta for the hits this week May 2017. The agenda liburanmun Please seventh place while it is still warm in social media so you do not miss an update though still present.
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