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Porter Rinjani, 10 Tourist Attractions in Cilacap, Central Java Not To Be Missed

Porter Rinjani, 10 Tourist Attractions in Cilacap, Central Java Not To Be Missed

Are you still confused to find a suitable tourist destination for vacation ?, if you do not find the reference, it is good to see this article, a small coastal tourist city of Banyumas, Cilacap. Most of you probably still in shock mingled confused, cilacap it where? Yep, it Cilacap in Central Java, precisely in Banyumas residency, located along the southern route. It is located directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean coast makes cilacap rich and epic nature of man. The city has the largest area in the center also has a tremendous cultural potential, because this city is a place of transition between culture and bred, unity is what makes a city cilacap widow (Javanese and Sundanese) hehe ..
In addition to great beaches and charming natural attractions, sights suitable for young children and cilacap also rich in historical attractions loh ,, want to know more, what do ya tourist must-visit when in Cilacap, yuuk Listen!

Here is cilacap attractions that you must visit:
  1. Turtle Bay Beach
Turtle Bay Beach

Turtle Bay Beach is a beach that can be said to be a mainstay of the city of Cilacap. The distance is about 2 kilometers from the city center. The turtle bay beach stretching from the fishing port with ocean cilacap Nusakambangan island is famous for. Fairly vicious surf this beach, because it is located in the Indian Ocean, but do not be disappointed, in this place you can swim, dive, sunbathe and play banana boat, and the waves rolling beautifully.

When satisfied to play with the sea, the stomach is definitely not hungry? Well, this is also a gulf coast seafood restaurants that sell food serving delicious cuisine that adds to your stomach hunger, such as squid and grilled fish maknyuss abiss. And to buy souvenirs for relatives, friends, or family, disepnajang beach there is also stalls selling dried fish, dry and wet, ready to be processed into a good meal at home, there are also various handicrafts shells as souvenirs and unique souvenirs cilacap ,
  1. Nusakambangan
Most of you would be shocked again, what? Reclaiming the prison where the inmates heavyweight kah? Yep.! One hundred for you, this island is indeed a case of separation of prisoners in Indonesia. The island is located south of Cilacap, to get here you can use a fishing boat from Turtle Bay with the distance of about 10 minutes.

But make no mistake, even reclaiming a place for high-profile inmates. However, in fact this island presents a marvelous natural scenery, serisus.! Although the image of the island sounds very scary, but in fact the island has its own tourist attraction. There are many attractions on the island, including forest reserves, the beauty of the coral reefs, forests, caves, castles, and beaches. Here are the castle and Citadel Pendem hole, while the beach, there Karang Pandan Beach. They are exotic and still look beautiful and natural.
  1. Fort Pendem
Fort Pendem
Pendem Fortress is a historical tour not to be missed if you're in Cilacap. The fortress is located on 6.5 hectares of land is still standing strong as a witness to history, begaimana very strong power turkeys scratch in Indonesia. Pendem in Dutch fort called "Kusbatterij Op De Lantong Te Tjilatjap" is located about 0.5 km from the shore of the bay turtles. The fort was erected in the range of the Dutch government from 1861 to 1879. After the Netherlands ended, the fort was used as the headquarters of the Japanese army, then after Japan go, this fortress was also used as the headquarters of the military and was used as a training base for the famous KOPASSUS terrible.

Now, this Pendem Fortress Building still stands, surrounded by a moat. In Fort Pendem has 60 rooms / barracks, fort lookout, armory, tunnel, prison space, meeting rooms, space ammunition, space shot and 13 places of importance to the defense which is surrounded by a fence and a ditch and buried in the ground to a depth of 1- 3 meters. And supposedly, in this Pendem castle there is also a tunnel that pierces through the Indian Ocean. These tunnels can be used if the soldiers to escape desperate situations.

  1. Benteng Karang Bolong
coral castle mesh
Fort hole has an area of approximately 6000 m2 and has 4 floors. 2nd floor is above the ground level, while the second floor below were underground. Benteng Karang Bolong Penempakan seemed very austere, but the grandeur is still evident, with 3 main castle, where one of them is a three-story castle that has a large meeting room.

When entering the castle rock this hole you will find a turkey gun is intact, because the fort was used as a fortress, to attack enemy ships at sea. In addition to the cannon, the castle is also a torture chamber, prison space, space weapons, a warrior, and logistical space. And the castle also has a bottomless pit which serves to scout the enemy. Fort coral Bolong sati sekrang become one of the most historic heritage site, a silent witness to the moments of Indonesian independence. So a lot of knowledge and insight into the history of what you'll get when visiting Fort Pendem this. Yook waiting ..!
  1. Beach Widarapayung
widarapayung beach ...
This beach is located in the village Widarapayung which is about 35 km to the east in the district Rudo Cilacap, Cilacap, Central Java. Although small, this Widarapayung Beach so captivating. Moreover, with the various facilities that are already built, a street that has been hot mix up your vehicle can smoothly through the streets of this beach.

The beach was ravaged hit by Tsunami on 17 July 2006. The sloping beach conditions, thus making this temapt very charming with the palm trees standing tall and waving. Also suitable place where you can relax, in fact the beach is also very fit for you who like to surf, because the waves on the beach Widrapayung is quite high. So you waiting for, enter Widarapayung Beach as a tourist destination that you must visit!
  1. Karang Pandan Beach
Karang Pandan Beach
If the Fort mesh sponge, coral beach to get to Pandan, you can simply walk about half an hour. Because of its location it is nearby. In this Pandan coral beach big waves, so you have to be careful, but do not be disappointed once, in pandan coral beach was gorgeous, white sand with a charming view of the sea.

While you're on the Coral Coast of view, should decency and ethics must be maintained, because in pandan sponge used as a place of pilgrimage, here are some places that are considered sacred. Especially on Thursday wage or per day by sea alms (whitewater offerings), pandan coral beach was crowded with people who want to make a pilgrimage.
  1. Beach Permisan
Beach Permaisan
Permisan beach on the island of Nusakambangan, the beach is still awake beauty and kealamianya. With its white sand, the beach is breezy winds and big waves increase the comfort of being at the beach.

Permaisan to get to the beach, you have to cross to the island of Port Lo Sweet reclaiming the harbor by boat Ferry Sodom. Port of Sodom then the visitors can head to the beach Permisan by land public transport such as buses or other. Excuse this coast you can see a line of charming little island.
  1. Sao Beach
Sao Beach
The beach is in the village Sao Goncalo, Nusawungu Cilacap district, this place is located at the eastern end of the border region between Cilacap Cilacap district of Kebumen. So no wonder if this beach stretches for almost 3km to the east gate entrance as well as the fish auction place with views of limestone mountains Sao Kebumen district.

From this beach you can also enjoy the panoramic view and the mouth of the guy who is the border with the district of Kebumen regency of Cilacap. With natural scenery and making waves south coast beach travel destination Sao enter a pity to miss if you explore the town of Cilacap.
  1. Mount Srandil
Mount Srandil ...
Besides natural scenery and stunning beaches, as well as some tourist destinations rich in history knowledge. Apparently Cilacap is also rich in spiritual tourism, one of which is srindil mountain. The mountain is located in Glempangpasir, District Duke or within 30 kilometers from the city of Cilacap. You can use the public transport bus with a major in-Jatijajar Cilacap, Kebumen. According to stories circulating and believed by the public, the first settling in Mount Srandil this is the second son of Sultan Mukhriti Dwi Sari Ratu Banon Sumenep, East Java.

Arrival to the mountain Srandil sultan is said to be imprisoned, however, Sultan Mukhriti then Murca (disappeared) that is live petilasannya which lies to the east, and is known as grandparent Gusti Agung Sultan Mukhriti.Tapi all just stories circulating, there is nothing true can ensure. Because in addition to the story of Sultan Mukhriti at Mount Srandil also folk legends, that first settled in Mount Srandil are two key named Sari Sari and Dana, two of them are soldiers of Prince Diponegoro who did not want to surrender to the army of the Netherlands. They decided to flee to the mountains to hide Srandil and eventually died here. The second soldier tomb is located east of Mount Srandil in a fenced complex around a later date, the name of the key cider known as Sukma Sejati.

That is the story of a mountain then srindil much visited many pilgrims both from society itself cilacap and outdoor areas, and some have come from Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The pilgrims come to the annex of the purpose of each, and usually there is a meditation on the number kliwon or night at a shura. Because it considers it has the supernatural aura of sacred figures. Therefore, do not be surprised if this place is very sacred. Since many-petilasan considered to have charismatic. Granny was such ruins Gusti Agung, Tanjung RA Dual Mekarsari, Semar leg stumps Sabdojati Dayo Amongrogo, Squire Dampo Awang, Gusti Agung Akhmat or Petilasan Langlang Buwana located on a hill and Petilasan said Sukma Sejati. That's why, until today very srindil mountain in the sacred.
  1. Special Sea Alms Cilacap
Special Sea Alms Cilacap
In addition to the tourist place that has been described above, Cilacap also has a tradition that until today still preserved the sea alms or commonly known as float an offering. Perhaps, Alms Sea is one of the culture in Cilacap which has been handed down since the days of Duke Cakrawerdaya III in 1817. However, the tradition was stopped and turned back at the Regent Poedjono Pranjoto in 1982 to date is the sea ini.Sedekah by larungan annual offerings of food and water buffalo head out to sea. This event is usually held at bay turtles, usually before the float offerings in wine advance all the way to the bay turtles.

Directly at the sea of charity work? Well, usually alms sea in Cilacap was conducted in October, 2015 yesterday, the sea alms POND held on Friday 23 October, so if you are to Cilacap during the month, you can mnyaksikan special annual cultural fervor Cilacap.

These are some tourist destinations and cultures that can be found in the small coastal town south called Cilacap. So, Yook when to visit the city of Cilacap? Awaited yes .. !! hopefully useful!
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